Refund and Cancellation Policy

We are extremely grateful and appreciate your purchase with us. You are requested to read our terms and conditions carefully. Our policy will guide you about all the important and valuable guidelines and will also focus on your rights and responsibilities as our valuable user, revolving around any purchase you make through our website. The policy concerning the processing of the refund, shall be subjected to the following clauses as set forth by the company’s administration:

Refund Requests

When the users wish to cancel the services, they are supposed to place a request for cancellation on our website and initiate a request for a refund. The Choosyride team will undertake the preliminary investigation in accordance with the process of the refund. On the successful sharing of the refund receipt, we will try to understand the concerns of the users, the parents, and also the legal guardians of the children. Based on all the discussions we intervene and try our level best to resolve the issue before the final process of refund is initiated from our end.

Processing of Refund

All the refunds shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis, which is based on the total number of rides completed from the date of payment until the final date of the refund request. The entire refund amount shall be processed back to the source of the payment. We shall also initiate the payment through internet banking or UPI based on the convenience of the user.


As a user, you have the right to cancel the request for the services. However, the company at its sole discretion may cancel any order(s):

  • If a user has undertaken a fraudulent transaction.
  • If a user has undertaken a transaction that is not following the Terms of Use.
  • If a particular service is unavailable.

To ensure transparency, at ChoosyRide we also maintain a negative list of all the fraudulent transactions including the list of the non-complying users. We also have the right to reserve the right to deny to users at any time and can cancel their request in the future.