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Choosy Ride, available in Bangalore, provides schools, teams and active families with a powerful tool to manage day-to-day schedules. Before Choosy Ride there was no easy way to organize kids’ carpools. Our system integrates key technologies that easily facilitate carpool management.

The system includes optimized routing functionality, this borderless system started with the goal of helping parents and caregivers of the 50 million school children in the Bangalore but has now expanded beyond that to reach families. It is a tool that not only benefits the families who use it, but also their communities and environment.


Our Services

We offer Choosy renting services for
pre -school/Montessori

School / Extracurricular

We provide transport to kids for extra curricular activities , School drop/pick up.

Daily office pickup /Drop off

We are here to solve the hassles of regular commuters. Why should one book a cab daily when all the plans are known in advance?

Wedding / Functions

Delight with our choice of Wedding Cars for a smooth ride on your grand occasion. We take care of our customer contentment which will make sure that you get the best of our wedding Car services.


We take care of complete event including transport.

Airport Transfer

Assured pick up and drop off will be done on time.

Why Choose Us

Explore our first class experience in chossy ride.

As with nearly any profession, taxi cab drivers are going to experience a number of unforeseen problems or distractions on the job. 

The difference between a good taxi driver and a bad taxi driver is the ability to solve these unforeseen issues quickly. This could be anything from a problem with the vehicle itself to a getting stuck in a major traffic jam. In order to satisfy the customer, the driver must determine an efficient solution. 

The best taxi cab drivers are those who are capable of thinking on their toes and acting quickly. These are the drivers that work well under pressure and can deliver results. This might entail finding an alternate route or encouraging an alternate drop-off location.


Professional Car Driver


Fixed Price / Budget Friedly


Fast Cars/Vans/Buses Delivery Service


Easy Recurring Ride

Taking you anywhere you can imagine.

Not only to Schools, Colleges, Offices, parties, weddings, and birthdays, but anywhere you want to go.

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